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Studio Mengucci has been working in Rome since 1965, relying on consolidated experience and strong organization to provide qualified assistance in legal, corporate, bankruptcy, taxation, contractual, auditing, employment, and social fields, offering quality services and combining efficiency and achievement of results for the client. The solid presence of professionals sharing family ties is relevant and allows for better aggregate performances than individual ones, and with prevailing emphasis on human capital training mechanisms inside the family. This circumstance reflects the positive connection between the quality of the offered services and the family’s commitment to the profession.

On October 7, 1999, Studio Mengucci has become an association, composed of professionals and collaborators qualified as experts by college education, post graduate training courses, and professional experiences in the fields of tax law, bankruptcy law, commercial law, employment law, auditing, and as expert witnesses in civil court.

Studio Mengucci is a professional association composed of Accountants, Employment Advisers, Lawyers, and Tax Experts pursuant to Law 4/2013, and is further qualified to act as an intermediary between job demand and supply within its related activities, pursuant to Leg. Decree no. 276 dated 10 September 2003, Arts. 6/4 and 5; Art. 2 lets. b), c), and d); Art.4/6, with delegation no.RM09933F with the Employment Advisory Foundation and for social contribution compliance asseveration with Asse.Co..

The Association provides assistance to companies, public and private bodies, individual businesses, professionals and natural persons through targeted multidisciplinary topic-related interventions, tailor-made to meet the needs and specific requirements of each single client.

The services provided at the operating sites in Rome and Civitavecchia (province of Rome) range from judicial and extra-judicial legal advice, as well as business, contractual, corporate, tax, bankruptcy, labor-social security, social service, cost analysis, and audit consultancy, to ordinary management services related to statutory and statement compliance and management of employees and self-employed staff. The association has been further active in the field of professional training since 2008.

Further activities carried out by the association include assignments in audit boards of companies and public and private bodies, in addition to dispute settlement, expert evidence, and support and assistance to the Civil Judge as non judicial staff, in the fields of job and bankruptcy, and real and personal estate attachments.

Activities of the professional associations

The activity of the professional association is organised into three practice areas working in close collaboration and interconnection with each other:

  • The area of employment law and social security – management of employees and self employed staff – Judicial and out of court practice;
  • The area of Commercial and Tax Law  – Financial Statements and balance sheet – Judicial and out of court practice;
  • The area of Judicial practices and procedures – Management of fiduciary activities delegated by the Civil, Labour and Bankruptcy Division of the Court.

Each sector involves professional resources specifically dedicated to consulting activities rendered to the client with a constant participation of its associates as reference professionals.

The association relies on a vast network of external professionals cooperating in the above-mentioned activity areas so as to ensure a highly flexible organisation and tailor-made interventions, thus constantly providing a timely and accurate service while maintaining discretion and confidentiality in meeting the client’s various needs. The association provides its professional services through the synergy and the intertwined contribution of the working teams that are composed, in particular, of lawyers, notaries, accountants, employment advisers, and auditors who are all registered into professional rolls and lists, in compliance with the law.

Thanks to the interaction of its partners and professionals from the various areas, the assistance provided by the association is always accompanied by a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the issues to be addressed and is always aimed at providing a quality service, as well as an efficient, effective, and fast management of the entrusted cases.

The mission of the professional association is, in fact, that of providing clients with global consulting services and integrated assistance in all business and professional fields so as to properly manage business dynamics and events and settle any disputes that might arise so as to put its wealth of transversal knowledge in the various branches of law and business subjects at its clients’ disposal.


Giancarlo Mengucci
Born on 06/09/1942

  • Tax Adviser
  • Auditor
  • Member of the National Association of Tax Advisers at no. 450 since 1995
  • Enrolled in the Register of Auditors pursuant to Leg. Decree n. 88/1992 maintained at the Ministry of Justice in Rome under Ministerial Decree dated 12.04.1995, published in G.U. [Official Journal], Supplement 31 bis – IV Special Series, with effect from 21.04.1995

Filippo Mengucci
Born on 27/09/1968

  • Lawyer expert in Employment Law and Tax Law
    Chartered Accountant
    Employment Adviser
  • Member of the Rome Bar Association, no. A 43916, since 31.10.2013, already qualified to practise since 23.04.2011
  • Member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisers – Section “A” – Rome Register, no. AA_005396 since 01.01.2008 (former “Board of Accountants and Commercial Experts” since 1995)
  • Member of the Association of Employment Advisers – Rome Register no.1944 since 24.06.1991
  • Enrolled in the Register of Auditors pursuant to Leg. Decree n. 88/1992 maintained at the Ministry of Justice in Rome under Ministerial Decree dated 12.04.1995, published in G.U., Supplement 31 bis – IV Special Series, with effect from 21.04.1995
  • Interim Receiver at the Court of Rome since 1996
  • Acts as an officer of the court as:
    • Lawyer expert in Employment Law, Social Security, Care and Social Disciplines (Art. 3/8 of the current Regulations on Continuing Vocational Training of the Rome Bar Council) under Decree dated 17/11/2016
    • Court-appointed Expert Witness – “CTU” at the Rome Civil Court as Accountant and Employment Adviser since 17.06.1999
  • Professional qualified to carry out registered real and personal estate transactions and Interim Receiver pursuant to Arts. 543 bis and 591 bis c.c.p., and 169 ter, impl. prov. c.c.p. at the Civil Court of Rome -Real Estate Attachments (as Accountant) since  24.03.2006
  • Member of the following Advisory Committees at the  Rome Association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisers:
    • “Employment Law”, appointed by resolutions of the Association Council in 2008 and 2013
    • “Judicial Administration and Custody of Goods Seized to Criminal Organisations”, appointed by a resolution of the Association Council from 2011 through 2012
  • Member of the Territorial Council of Rome Municipality – Piazza Bologna Sub-Municipality for territorial power devolution of the Rome Provincial Council of the Employment Advisers Association  since 2010
  • Member of the Rome ODCEC Certification Commission of Employment Contracts and Procurement Contracts at the University of “Tor Vergata” in Rome since 2012
  • Mediator in Civil and Commercial matters with mediation bodies accredited by the Ministry of Justice
  • Accredited Auditor in the field of Training Financing of the National Inter-professional Fund for Continuing Vocational Training of Cadres and Employees of the Commercial, Tourism, Services, Crafts and SME sectors
  • Lecturer and teacher in training courses and conferences on tax, social security and employment issues at Rome ODCEC and Employment Advisers Rome Association, and at Inter-professional Funds Implementation Bodies
  • Responsible for the Prevention and Protection Service and for Health and Safety Officers at Workplaces, ex art.32 Leg. Decree 81/08, Leg. Decree no. 195/2003 and State-Region Agreement  dated 26.01.2006 – Modules: A, B ATECO Macro-sector B6, and C.

Francesco Mengucci
Born on 17/02/1972

  • Chartered Accountant
    Employment Adviser
  • Member of the Chartered Accountants  and Expert Accountants – Section “A” – Register of Civitavecchia, no. 168, since 01 January 2008 (former member of the “Rome Association of Chartered Accountants”, first joined in 2000)
  • Registered with the Association of Employment Advisers in the Rome Register at no. 2624 since 20 July 1998
  • Enrolled in the Register of Auditors (Decree of the General Director of Civil Affairs and Liberal Professions, published in G.U. of 17.12.1999, 4th Extraordinary Supplement, Special Series no. 100, with effect from 12 May 1998
  • Interim Receiver at the Rome Court since 2001
  • Officer of the court as Witness Expert in his capacity of Chartered Account and Employment Adviser at the Civil Court of Civitavecchia since 2003
  • Chairman of the Employment Committee of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Civitavecchia, designated by decision of the Council in 2008.
  • Mediator in Civil and Commercial matters
  • Accredited Auditor in the field of Training Financing of the National Inter-professional Fund for Continuing Vocational Training of Cadres and Employees of the Commercial, Tourism, Services, Crafts and SME sectors
  • Lecturer and teacher in training courses and conferences organized by Axioma, Format, Erfap Lazio and ODCEC of Civitavecchia

Internal staff

Federica Sebastianelli

  • Secretary and Staff Assistant

Mariangela Savastano

  • Administrative collaborator

Federica Mengucci

  • Employment Adviser

Massimo Moschese

  • Chartered Accountant – Auditor
  • Mediator in Civil and Commercial Matters with functions of Expert Witness, Liquidator and Interim Receiver at the Civil and Criminal Court in Rome

Alessio Schintu

  • Employment Adviser

Simona Bolognesi

  • Employment Adviser

Mario Scala

  • Employment Adviser

Daniele Lucaferri

  • Chartered Accountant – Auditor

Stefano Laurenzano

  • Chartered Accountant – Auditor

Erminio Colucciello

  • Chartered Accountant – Auditor

Felice Di Noia

  • Junior Accountant

Antonio Di Sarno

  • Assistant Accountant

Lavinia Massullo

  • Assistant Accountant

Silvia Scaletta

  • Collaborator

Gemma Ingrao

  • Collaborator

Civitavecchia’s Office

Giorgia Midei

  • Assistant accountant

Ilaria Bernardini

  • Secretary

External Advisers

Stefano Greco

  • Lawyer expert in Criminal and Civil Law

Mauro Onofri

  • Lawyer expert in Civil Law

Raoul Barsanti

  • Lawyer expert in Employment and Civil Law

Giovanni Paolo Bertolini

  • Experienced Lawyer in Employment Law and Civil Law


Studio Mengucci Professional Association
Counselling On Legal, Commercial, Tax, and Employment matters

Registered office and operating site:  00193 Rome, no. 43 Via Marianna Dionigi
Training rooms and business address: 00193 Rome, no. 17 Via Marianna Dionigi
Ph. (+39) 06 3217562 – (+39) 06 3213599
Fax (+39) 06 3203653

Branch office: 00053 Civitavecchia (Province of Rome)
Km 67+580 SS1 Via Aurelia (“Riva di Traiano” tourist harbour)
Ph. e Fax (+39) 0766 730841


Technical expertise, straight moral compass, professionals’ objectivity, as well as knowledge of business, markets, and regulatory environment issues are put at clients’ disposal in order to provide solutions through an innovative, organic and systemic approach while offering a wide range of services in the various specialisation areas and a better and clear-cut response to multidisciplinary issues.

Some partners of the Association, including members of continuing vocational training committees of Chartered Accountants, Accounting Experts and employment advisers, actively participate in study, confrontation and scientific debate initiatives concerning the various disciplines of law and economics, working together with institutional bodies.

Studio Mengucci is proud to daily receive curricula of young practitioners and brilliant professionals who are eager to collaborate with the association, which is currently regarded as a young, dynamic and high operational standing reality, which has long been present on the market and highly ranking for solidity and presence of colleagues who work with good prospects of future career advancement.

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